Welcome to the Website of the Treuhandgemeinschaft für Textilindustrie GmbH

As a service company for a big German Trade Association (Industrieverband Veredlung-Garne-Gewebe-Technische Textilien e.V.) we offer a comprehensive range of services in the areas of insolvency representation, collection services and legal advice in matters of insolvency- and commercial contracts against companies situated in Germany.

Our Lawyers are specialized in

  1. the representation of creditors in insolvency proceedings in Germany;
  2. the out of court collection or settlement of claims against companies situated in Germany;
  3. the obtaining of a court order by means of the German procedure provided by Law for uncontested claims and the speedy enforcement of such orders;
  4. the management of legal procedures dealing with contested claims through affiliated Law Firms with which we have legal fee arrangements that are optimized to the benefit of our customers;
  5. legal advice in matters of commercial contracts, defects and the rights of creditors in insolvency proceedings.

In the event that you need assistance in any of these matters please don´t hesitate to contact Ms. Long under: long.b@treuhandtextil.de or by directly by phone under +49 2151/649 888 3